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I'm Sue Davey, a well established complementary therapist from Gosport, born out of having my own chronic pain conditions. By setting up a wellness centre, I wanted to be able to help anyone who came to my door, no matter what condition they were carrying, physical or mental. The good news is that I can and do by undertaking hypnotherapy, holistic nutrition, stress management and Pilates. I am a Reiki master, teacher, a counsellor, and so much more.

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What can I Provide?

I provide a range of theraputic services to you as a group, or you as an individual. This means I can help you to train your mind and body to better deal with the modern world and any issues you may be struggling to live with.

Stress Management - Whether it's day-to-day stress that's slowing you down, or if you've had a trauma, I can offer both CBT and psychotherapy to help you. If you want to change some of your behaviours, I am also able to offer hypnosis in order to get you to be able to train your mind in ways you'd not be able to consciously. Whatever your mind needs, I can advise and help.

Nutrition - If you need help with nutrition, I am able to do this too. I can also offer help with food intolerances and anything else you need!

Reiki - Reiki balances energies and removes blockages in the natural flow of your Ki by a Reiki Practitioner who has been attuned to channel the universal life energy by laying their hands on or near the 7 major Chakras of your body. The Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and Splenic Chakra and Root Chakra. Once the blockages are cleared the natural flow of Ki is open again healing mind, body and spirit.

Working with you as an Individual

We are all individuals and sometimes you need more than my group workshops. We're not built for the modern world and I can help you manage your body's response by teaching techniques and methods to rectify and overcome current issues. I've helped many people in a lot of different areas, including those with the more recent condition of Long Covid.

If you've suffered a trauma I can offer therapy as I'm a practicing psychotherapist, ways of managing feelings and help you to get back on track. I'm a firm believer in discovering the root cause of an issue and putting techniques in place to be able to help conquer and manage any condition.

Stress is an old problem that has only recently been recognised as a basic, and sometimes major, factor in many physical and mental problems in our fast-paced lives.

Stress embraces every aspect of our being, especially the body and mind. I will work with you to identify and manage stress factors. I offer a self-help approach, including learning and developing techniques to aid in the ongoing balance of life and stress removal.


I will work with your and your team to allow you and your employees to better manage your mental health. I can provide workshops which will cover a range of different subjects including methods of breathing to aid relaxation, foods for immunity and health, exercising for anxiety along with meditation and mindfulness.

As well as a day course, I can also offer a programme encapsulating all of the above covering a six week period. I've had tremendous feedback including a much improved employee attendance rate due to people being able to manage their minds in a much better way.

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