Healthy Eating

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Some healthy supplements.

A Word from Susan on Nutritional Supplements

Superfoods Plus really is an outstanding product, as a nutritionist I can not only vouch for the purity and content, plus the nutritional value and how this product can help every bodily process, but also as a person who lives with a chronic pain and fatigue condition, fibromyalgia.

I have been taking this supplement for over 2 years, however I noticed improvements after only a few months. I have experienced increased energy with shorter periods of fatigue. My immune system must be stronger, I had flu for a week and a half instead of the usual months that I would normally take to recover due to my Fibromyalgia. My skin is less itchy and softer, I sleep better, my digestive system has stabilised, allowing me to maintain my ideal body weight.

I even feel like I have extra energy reserves which I haven't experienced since being diagnosed, for me it has been life changing. Anybody of any age, either with or without any medical conditions can potentially take this product, as it will help to enhance the overall wellbeing and boost health.

If in any doubt please consult a nutritionist/dietitian or healthcare professional. If you would like any further help with this or any of the product range please do not hesitate to contact myself and I will be happy to give some advice.

A man clutching his side due to an unhealthy gut.

The Importance of a Healthy Gut

A healthy gut plays a major role in a strong immune system. Many of us do not realise that a huge proportion of our immune system is in the GI tract. (The GI tract is a series of hollow organs from the mouth all the way down to the anus) The solid organs are the liver pancreas and gall bladder, all of which form our digestive system. Our immune system is inside our bodies and the bacteria are outside our bodies; so cells within our gut work hard to produce antibodies into the gut to fight off the invaders from outside our bodies. All of these processes are called our microbiome, and without our microbiome (which is good bacteria) our health, development immune function and nutrition would fail.


Getting the Balance Right

There are many factors that affect this balance including stress, bad diet, taking antibiotics, not exercising enough and differing health conditions. Taking a probiotic will help to repopulate the good bacteria within our intestines and is an essential addition to our diets, and will support a healthy balanced intestinal flora by giving the gut good bacteria.

Prebiotic are specialist plant fibres that act like fertilisers to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria within the gut, and help the probiotic. Again, if we have health conditions or have environmental factors that impact on our lives, or we don't eat a well balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables, this process is not taking place within our bodies.

A hand holding some supplements.

Supplementing Good Habits

Many of us need a good pro and prebiotic and a digestive enzyme supplement, especially if we suffer from an autoimmune disease or a health condition that affects our digestive system.

Digestive enzyme production does not take place as effectively when we suffer differing health conditions, and without the introduction of a digestive enzyme the nutrients that we get from our food simply go to waste as our digestive system isn’t working in the correct manner to absorb this nutrition from our food.

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